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Account Managers, Hiring Managers, Project Managers

Hiring the right IT personnel is increasingly challenging in the corporate world. And no one feels the pinch more than the corporate hiring managers and account professionals. Sometimes you have to dig deep into the business account to afford the process. And as an account manager, it is never easy to account for such expenditure, especially in the structured corporate system where there is a budgetary allocation for everything. This allocation might never always be sufficient. What do you do?

Smart hiring managers have identified a smart alternative solution to this challenge. And now, account managers, hiring managers and project managers across the US and all over Canada are increasingly turning to Cambard Inc.for a simplified IT staffing process for their companies as a go-to partner for attractingand retaining top I.T. talent.

At Cambard Inc., our client’s success is what we consider to be our achievement. The more results we deliver, the more successful we are. And so far we have managed to do it right all the time, presenting companies with none other than the rarest talents in the IT market.

Why Hiring, Managers Are Increasingly Turning To Cambard Inc.

The team at Cambard Inc. has a high regard for every client and is always keen to keep clients’ time as precious. As such, when you come to us, we know that you have set aside time for so doing, a time you could use to attend to other matters. So we take the time to ensure only the best fit is presented to you.


We are keen to do it right from the very first time, and keep the same value throughout our engagement- with each client. So hiring managers can always propose with confidence to their companies to work with us.

Highly reduced fall-offs

We understand how much costly any fall-off can be to a company’s bottom-line. We, therefore, specialize in aproven selection process in our placements to leave room for very negligible fall-offs. As a result, we save our clients significant turnover costs.


This is one of our key selling points in the eyes of our clients. We aim for the best in delivering service right from start to finish. We have a talent management expertise that ensures you get the absolute best IT talent to fill the position in your company.