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Why Cambard

Regardless of the delivery model you seek,Cambard Inc. is here to simplify the IT staffing process for you. We are proud to be the force behind the successful IT staffing for companies and corporations across the US and Canada by offering them an alternative simplified process.

Finding the right candidate can be a great challengefor HR executives today. And when it comes to IT staffing, the problem doubles as disruptive technology keeps changing how business is done. Corporations increasingly need persons who can quickly adapt. It is not easy to find IT professionals who are quick to adapt to the ever technical landscape. As a company, you need a mix of skilled and focused workers, but where do you get all the time to go around looking for them?

Cambard Inc. is on the business of staffing and will take the burden off your back. We have built a vast network of IT candidates that are ready for hire upon demand.

We follow modern industry practices in screening candidates to sieve the best talent in the market. We possess the right resources and manpower to deliver the rare skills in the IT marketplace.

We understand that a company’s biggest asset are the people in it. That is why we innovate our processes from time to time to always ensure we stay on top of trends regarding IT staffing needs.

Why Choose Cambard Inc.?

Our candidates undergo an intense screening processof interviews, reference scrutiny, and skills testing. We get deeper and provide drug screening, credit checks, and background checks.

We present the best picture of the job to the recruits and represent your brand by:

Competitive service fees

You save tons of cash when you work with us, and this is one of the main reasons why our long-standing customers are keen to maintain our ties.

We utilize the perfect-fit policy

We respect your preferences. We are not here to impose on you, rather, our job is to deliver precisely what you require. We understand that every company has fundamental values and operational policies. It would be improper to try to change that unless solicited. So we listen to your requirements, return to our network and pull out the candidate that best matches your specifications.

Simplified IT staffing process

The whole selection process has been cut into a well-documented, transparent and proven system that is easily understood by each one of our clients. We remove the complications that would typically delay the process, and we keep an active database of candidates to reduce time wastage at the time of need

Excellent ROI

Cambard Inc is committed to providing clients with candidates that fit within the top 20 percent bracket- responsible for delivering the 80 percent value addition to their businesses.